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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(VIDEO) Pandora Launches $20 Million Marketing Campaign

(VIDEO) Pandora Launches $20 Million Marketing Campaign
Aug 4th 2015, 05:19
A new video ad will first exist online then shift to TV this fall. With its 80 million users, Pandora is getting ready to celebrate its 10th birthday next month. CMO Simon Flemming-Wood tells Forbes, "Keeping the brand fresh is critical. The fight for the future of music is now. We happen to start from a strong leadership position. We feel great about where the audience is and where the brand is, but the landscape has evolved to where the players aren't startups; they are extremely well-funded and aggressive." Forbes says the new $20 million marketing campaign focuses on the realization that users believe that Pandora does a better job at delivering customized music-but might not be sure why. Watch the video HERE. Read the Forbes piece HERE