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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why I Cashed Out

Why I Cashed Out
Aug 6th 2015, 05:34
(by Ed Ryan) His original goal was to build a big enough company to go public and Dean Goodman was well on his way. In 2007 Goodman purchased two radio stations in Iowa. He was up to about 20 stations in Missouri and Iowa when the wheels fell off the economy. After waiting out the economic storm Goodman was back at it again, picking up West Palm Beach from CBS, NextMedia and Three Eagles. Digity, with Goodman making the deals, would grow to 116 stations in 26 markets. In August of 2014, in a Radio Ink cover story, Dean Goodman said, "I'd like to grow as big as I can, as quick as I can." One of the reasons was it would give him more access to cash. So why did he put on the brakes and cash out? HERE'S WHY...