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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Genesis Reacts To Lewis Quitting Show


Jason Lewis was syndicated by Genesis Communications Network until last Thursday when he shocked listeners with this announcement, "This is not freedom, this is tyranny. We, I, you, face a choice, to fund the beast, or to starve the beast, to host the parasite, or walk away. To feed the system, or to boycott the system. I have now chosen the latter, they can now feed off one another. Ladies and gentlemen, I QUIT.? Today, GCN PD John Haarmann sent a statement to Radio Ink acknowledging the company was aware Lewis planned to retire, however they did not know he would do in in such a dramatic way.

Haarmann said, "I've always highly respected Mr. Lewis and his activism. Jason's voice has reached millions and he will no doubt continue to affect change through his next endeavor with GALT. Jason Lewis might be leaving radio, but I feel his work has just begun." Lewis's producer, James Graham, added, ?(the) program was exciting, emotional, and somewhat confusing to say the least. Jason had hinted that he wanted to get out of the radio industry from time-to-time, but I never thought he would do so in such a shocking manner. We here at GCN were very fortunate in the fact that, Dan Conry, a longtime friend and regular guest host of the program, was able to be reached at such short notice to fill in.?

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