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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pandora Has Eye on Radio's Holy Grail


With the expense of paying for music and the popularity of talk and rising popularity of sports talk it's really only a question of when, not it, Pandora gets into the spoken word business. And when listeners are stuck in their cars at the mercy of hundreds of other bottle-neckers on America's roads, they are a captive audience. The brass at Pandora knows that and, it appears, wants to feed those captive ears more than just curated music.

Although short on specifics, Pandora CFO Michael Herring told Bloomberg, "Music?s an important piece of radio listening in the car, but if there?s a place where spoken word is also equally, and more important really, it?s in the car.? It was more of a warning shot than an announcement of a new content offering, Herring did not offer up any timing on any talk products from the Internet pure-play.

Pandora executives say they now have 7 million automobile users. Herring tells Bloomberg, ?As the car becomes more important, thinking about other types of content that are important for the car becomes more critical. That?s why Sirius spends so much money on Howard Stern, sports and news.? The question is, exactly what content could Pandora offer that isn't already out there? Or, do they have a plan to steal some of yours?

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