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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Digital Resistance is Radio's Biggest Threat


That's the opinion of Stacey Sedbrook who is the Vice President of Strategic Sales Consulting at BIA/Kelsey. Sedbrook writes a detailed piece for NetNewsCheck about radio and its journey into digital. Sedbrook says too many radio groups are still simply dipping their toes in the digital water and have not changed how they sell. Many in radio might disagree with that (See Townsquare and Salem stories above). She goes on to say that, radio leadership is often ambivalent, "which is the kiss of death for any organization trying to transform itself." She offers her opinion on how radio can avoid the fate of newspapers, Yellow Pages and other media that waited too long to develop digital products and services and to retrain its sales force into digital sellers. Take a look at her article HERE and leave your comments on what she's written below.

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