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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Former Napa GM Launches Online Station


Jeff Schechtman, who was general manager at KVON/KVYN in Napa, has launched NAPAbroadcasting has partnered with Napa Valley College on the project and its offices and studios are located on the Napa Valley College campus. Schechtman said that ?after leaving KVON/KVYN, I worked on several other non-radio projects. Suddenly it became clear to me and others in the community that there was a huge need for local programming that wasn?t being served.? uses audio integration through SoundCloud and streams using RadioJar. A video element will be added at a later date. Schechtman says, "Initially the focus has been on local election coverage, and expects to add at least four new shows immediately following the elections in early November. This is a commercial venture, with shows seeking overall sponsorship. We see this as a commercial version of the NPR model. We don?t want to have our programs interrupted by long stop-sets and annoying jingles. We think our sponsors appreciate the value of the programs and we have a high degree of respect for our audience and their time."

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