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Monday, November 10, 2014

New Radio Specific Ad Agency Launches


There's no shortage of bad commercials heard all across the land on too many radio stations to count. From clients yelling into the microphone to jocks reading an advertisers telephone number ten times to the tired old phrase, 'you've tried the rest, now try the best.' Great creative not only makes a radio station sound better, it helps clients ring their cash registers with improved R.O.I. The Radio Advertising Bureau has been encouraging better creative for years with its Radio Mercury Awards, giving away tens of thousands of dollars for the best national, local and college ads from across the land. And now, a new radio specific Advertising Agency is launching in New York City, specific to radio, and run by a host of creative minds spanning several industries. It's called Hyperbolic Creative.

Who's behind Hyperbolic Creative? Julian Rebolledo, Sean Elias-Reyes and Conor Murphy are the co-founders and Managing Partners. Rebolledo and Elias-Reyes founded Hyperbolic Audio, a company that has recorded and mixed for television and radio commercials, documentary films, animation for TV and film. They are also home to major motion picture studios like Dreamworks, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox, and have done ad campaigns for international brands such as McDonald?s, Coca-Cola, and Verizon. Murphy is an award-winning mix engineer with over a decade of experience in advertising, television, and video games. Throughout his career, Murphy has mixed thousands of radio spots. He is an alumnus of Saturday Night Live and has also worked on The Good Wife, America?s Next Top Model, and HBO?s The Leftovers. Darren Wright and Dave Skinner will be Executive Creative Directors. The two launched the New York office of Leo Burnett, ran major accounts at BBDO, wrote award-winning Super Bowl spots, brought AT&T to mobile and successfully managed some of the most high-profile ad accounts in the world.

So why are these creative minds launching this new ad agency for radio" We spoke to them about it yesterday. Co-founder Murphy says while working in radio advertising for many years he noticed a slow decline in the creative resources that agencies commit to radio campaigns. "The industry was hit hard in '08 and '09, which lowered staffing levels, and the growth of digital media meant more resources were committed to that space. As a result, fewer creatives were working on radio. Our team and our resources will give clients a value for their dollar you won't find elsewhere." Co-founder Elias-Reyes adds the company has a production space in Midtown Manhattan that already functions at the very highest levels. "DreamWorks Animation, the BBC, HBO, Paramount and Nickelodeon all produce content here. Our mixers and sound designers are top quality, and they have thousands of radio commercials under their belts.?

Wright and Skinner say with 244 million Americans listening to the radio every week, more can be done for radio if additional resources were available. "There is significantly more emphasis put on new media, but in an increasingly cluttered landscape many strong digital campaigns still get overlooked. It?s not enough to put all your eggs in that basket. With radio you have a captive and focused audience. Radio is simple to absorb. It?s like sitting there with a trusted friend. We believe in radio, because it?s a platform with tremendous stopping power that delivers powerful results. The numbers could not be clearer. Radio is the best bang per dollar spent in advertising - by a wide margin.?

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