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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Southwest Florida DJ Needs a Kidney


B.J. Odom has been making Southwest Florida laugh for decades. He's been heard on radio in Fort Myers for decades. And now Odom needs a favor from someone in return....a kidney. Odom tells the Fort Myers News Press, "They say it takes an average ? for my blood type ? of two years to get a kidney." He's been on the waiting list since April and he's been on dialysis for a year. Odom's kidney failure resulted from a heart transplant 11 years ago and the anti-rejection drugs he had to take afterward. The longer he has to wait the harder it will be on his body. Odom's friends have organized a fundraising event November 21 to help pay for Odom's medical expenses. You can reach out to Odom on his Facebook page HERE

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