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Thursday, January 15, 2015

At Power 106 It's All About The People


It's an anomaly these days. A major radio company, with one station in a major market, succeeding without the back-up of a big cluster sporting a menu of formats. Of course, Jerry Lee comes to mind in Philadelphia (market #8). The man's a legend in our business. In Los Angeles (market #2) Power 106 stands alone for Emmis and CEO Jeff Smulyan cannot heap enough praise on General Manager Val Maki and her team.

Smulyan fielded a question about how the station is doing so well, all by itself out there, after telling investors Power 106 took market share again in Q3. Smulyan credits Maki, her 32 years on the job and the employees who work for her. "They are the best radio station group in the U.S."

Smulyan said, "Val Maki is one of the best managers in America and I'll take all comers on that one. Power 106 is just a great station. Whatever they throw at us there, we're ready. The always humble Maki told Radio Ink last night that the success at Power 106 is all about teamwork. "It's really about the luck and privilege of an opportunity that started before me and that continues due to Emmis? extraordinary operating philosophy and strategy. Add to that the combination of talent, hard work, innovation, and teamwork of a great number of people over the years ? a truly magnificent group of people ? and it's impossible to isolate any one person. I hit the jackpot and I am very glad and grateful that I get to be part of it.

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