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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Music Buying, Listening Patterns Are Different


Coleman Insights has released its second in a series of blog posts which examines how listeners engage with music across traditional and emerging platforms. The company analyzed 26 consecutive weeks of Billboard's Top 10 digital songs and Billboard?s Top 10 songs for radio exposure and on-demand streaming. Their conclusion? Making new music decisions based on sales data can lead your station astray. Why?

"Just because people stop buying a song doesn't mean people stop playing it. When a song's sales decline, it means fewer new people want to own it. It doesn't mean the people who already bought it stopped playing it." Coleman goes on to say, "If you exposed new music on your radio station solely based on how well the song was selling, you'd play songs most frequently when hardly anyone in your audience knew the song. If you were to stop playing a song as soon as its sales dried up, you'd likely be dropping the song at the moment your audience was most interested in hearing it."

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