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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOOMiO: Music Sharing For iPhone


BOOMiO is a new music app with a bit of a twist. When you use it you'll get the impression it's more about sharing than buying. Here's how it works. You load the app on your iPhone, search for a song, listen to it, and share it with a friend. Once you've finished playing your tune, you're prompted to either share it again and/or buy the song in iTunes. You don't need an account to play a song, you essentially just tap to play. Bob Case, co-founder of BOOMiO, tells Radio Ink the app comes with major label support and revenue streams for artists. After the jump, Radio Ink has an exclusive interview with Bob Case about this new venture.

Bob Case, a radio guy who came up with the idea for BOOMiO with two other partners, says that the revenue stream for BOOMiO will be ad based. For example, if you like a song and share it, you can still listen to it again, after watching a quick video. The revenue is then shared with BOOMiO, labels, and artists. You don't have to sit through an ad before listening, only after you've heard the song and, hopefully, shared it with your friends. The same goes for whomever you've shared it with. They just click to play from within the BOOMiO app.

Right now BOOMiO is only available on the iOS platform, with Android support coming in early 2015. Bob Case compares the app to how people used to share music. But instead of schlepping an album or CD over to a friends, you just click and share the song. If you have an iPhone, you can check out BOOMiO now, it's a free download on the iTunes Store.

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