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Monday, January 19, 2015

WGN Makes Programming Changes Official


Roe Conn heads to afternoons on WGN and John Williams moves to weekend duties. So, the new weekday lineup starting the 26th at WGN shakes out like this: Steve Cochran 5-9 a.m., The Bill and Wendy show moves to 9 a.m.-noon from their current 3-7 p.m. shift, Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano stay in place with The Business Lunch from noon-1 and in their 1-3 p.m.shift, Roe Conn will host afternoon drive from 3-7 p.m. Evenings and overnights will stay the same. John Williams starts his Saturday shift on January 31.

Commenting on the Roe Conn move to mornings, WGN Radio VP of content and programming Todd Manley says, "Roe craves what's behind the curtain of breaking news. He's a master of investigative conversation, so you'll learn and you'll laugh. We're building an even stronger bridge between our radio journalists at the Tribune Tower and the incomparable newsroom at WGN-TV."

Explaining Williams' move to weekends, Manley notes, "Two shows in two cities -- five days a week -- is just too much for someone who crafts talk the way John does and WCCO has first rights to John."

Just in case Chicago listeners can't keep up with the changes, Manley will host a live blog Q&A at 2 p.m. on to address WGN listeners' questions and comments on the changes.

(1/15/2015 10:48:01 PM)
Just heard today that John Williams is moving again. If he's moving because that is what he wants, then, I'm fine with that. If WGN is moving him, than I'm not. I give up the view to listen to John. He's intelligent , caring & sounds like an all around nice guy. We will listen to him on Saturday's but to be honest it's hard to keep up with all of WGN's changes. Hope Kathy& Judy still
have a spot. First time responder to change. Pat Murray
(1/15/2015 1:01:05 PM)
what happens to Kathy and Judy?

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