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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

(AUDIO) How I Cracked Market Number One


Monday marks Edgar "Shoboy" Sotelo's second week on-air in NY at 92.3 Amp. After a couple of hours of airchecking Sotelo it sounds like he's acclimating well. One of the hardest things for a new host in a new market is not sounding like an outsider, sounding like you're plugged into the community. Sotelo talks to Radio Ink in an exclusive audio interview below.

Sotelo tells Radio Ink that his main job right now is becoming relevant and part of the listeners lives. As he puts it, "Being there for the listener." Management made a smart move by bringing in Sotelo in a month before the launch to help him and his co-host get used to not only the geography of the city, but that intangible vibe of a metro you can only understand from experience. Sotelo hit the streets with the Amp street-crew for three weeks before his on-air debut, to "meet real people." Sotelo says he, "hit the streets hard, how they (listeners) grew up and what their lives are like now"

Sotelo's show is music intensive on Amp. The breaks and bits are tight and surrounded by multi-song music sweeps. Sotelo believes that right now listeners are in a mode where they are just getting used to him becoming a part of the station, or as he puts it, "family." Sotelo's main job right now, as he see's it, is building a relationship with the listeners of Amp. Keeping mornings music intensive, he believes is respectful for the stations listeners, who have come to expect mornings on Amp to be music intensive.

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