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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Triton & eXelate Team For Streaming Data


Triton Digital announced an exclusive partnership with eXelate to deliver a new audio data management platform, intended to enhance ad buyers' ability to reach targeted audio campaigns on mobile or desktop. Triton will combine listener profiling (without cookies or unique device IDs) with eXelate's cross-platform data cloud infrastructure and consumers' online purchase intent, demographics, and behavioral leanings. More...

Mike Agovino, COO, Triton Digital notes, "Digital audio has become an important piece of the digital advertising mix, particularly as more and more consumer attention is captured in a mobile context. Until now audio has not been available as part of a multi-channel programmatic buy. Beginning today, digital audio can garner a larger share of the market by attracting a piece of the larger multi-channel programmatic budget."

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