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Monday, January 26, 2015

(SALES) Sign Here, Please


Here are two more sources of Radio Sales Magic: signing your name and getting your customers to sign theirs. It's not a mystery that both these signatures show interest, commitment, and ownership.

Everyone who's ever bought a car is familiar with this concept. Here's an example: You're in a dealer's showroom and you have your eye on a $25,000 sedan. You've just made a no-hope offer of $16,500. Does the sales rep tell you what a stupid, unrealistic offer that is, and that you should be ashamed of yourself? 

Absolutely not!

What he does do is tell you that he will "write it up" and take it to the sales manager and fight for you. You sign your name, showing your interest to own the car today. You're 90 percent sold, but you don't even know it. He's gone for 10-15 minutes (probably doesn't even speak to his sales manager!) While he's gone, you begin daydreaming about how the car will look in your driveway ? you're wanting it a little more now.

When he returns, he's carrying a "counter offer" saying the dealership has $21,200 in the car, and couldn't part with it for a penny less. You wince, frown, shake your head and say, "Well, the highest I can go is $19,250."

Does he yell at you and say, "Didn?t you just hear me say we have $21,200 in the car, moron?!"  No!  Instead, he says, "Let's rip up the first contract and write another for your offer of $19,250. I'll take it in there and explain how much you want the car and how you're willing to work with us.? Again, you sign your name. Now you're really getting attached to the car, feeling you're really close to owning it. Your daydreams are getting more vivid!

When he returns, he has a big smile on his face, raising your hopes even further. But what he says is: "The sales manager got really nasty with me for coming back to him with less than $21,200. At first he said 'No way ? get outta here!' but I hung in there and took his abuse, and by golly, I got you a deal I've never gotten for anybody before!"

A little rain cloud passes over your horizon, but you're holding your breath, fingers crossed on both hands. "So here's the deal," he says, still smiling. "I got you another $100 off on the price, but we'll add $1,090 in additional options, things that'll really enhance your enjoyment of this great car!" 

Your brain leaps into high gear and you calculate that you were $1,950 apart when he went back to his Sales Manager, and now with the extra options, (you haven't even asked what they are?floor mats and a high-tech wax job) you're only $760 apart, so the dealer has come more than half way to your number. Bam! You're driving away.

Your signing your name made all the difference in the world, and the rep knew he had you all along.

Same with a radio client. If he says he won't pay your rates, ask him what he will pay. No matter how ridiculous, say, "Let's write it up and I'll take it to my sales manager." In this case, it's even more important than the auto dealership, because his signature "freezes" him, so he can't give your money to another station while you're away discussing it with your manager ? because he knows that if your manager approves it, he's obligated. Once his signature is on the contract form, you can go back and forth, just like the car sales rep.

In radio sales, it's very important to freeze the client whenever possible.

Otherwise, he can take your great idea for a promotion, tell it to the next radio rep that walks in, and buy if from him when he undercuts your station. You did all the work, brought him your great idea and your creativity, but if you didn't freeze him by getting his signature you may have wasted your time, talent, and energy.

BOTTOM LINE: You've been warm and friendly, established great rapport. Your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking has demonstrated real value to your client, raising his buying temperature to a fever pitch. You're down to price negotiation and he doesn't like your rates. It's time to smile and freeze your client by getting his signature on your contract, even at his ridiculous rate. If you don't, you just might do worse than losing the sale. You might hand your great promotion idea to a competitor, just by undercutting you by a couple of bucks. Get the signature!

Gary Ratcliff is the owner of High Impact Communications, Inc. and a broadcast sales author. Visit his LinkedIn page HERE.

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(1/21/2015 9:26:29 AM)
Great Stuff and so true - thanks for posting.

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