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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

(SALES) KISS Them With Radio


You have no doubt heard about the KISS acronym: Keep It Simple Stupid. Simple sells!

Digital is anything but simple, and I believe we're missing the boat by not presenting radio as the simple turnkey media alternative.

I read this morning that thousands are leaving Facebook every day to migrate to the latest shiny new thing, Instagram. Before that they flocked from Twitter to Facebook. And who remembers MySpace?

The truth is, there are no "digital media experts" because that world changes before expertise can be established. An expert is defined as one who has a special skill or knowledge, derived from training or experience. By the time we have experimented, experienced, and learned a particular new media, everything we learned about the rules and platforms has already changed.

I, for one, don?t believe I have the right to experiment with an advertiser's hard-earned money?.I feel obligated to present tried and proven solutions.

Remember when SEO, Search Engine Optimization, was a simple matter of keyword stuffing and you could buy links? Google now changes the SEO rules and algorithms daily. Imagine a multi-tasking business owner who has to renew her lease, hire and train new staff, order their Fall merchandise, and fight the tax man, trying to keep up with all of the changes and competition in the new-media landscape.

Your simple turnkey radio solution can be a breath of fresh air. All your client has to do is say "yes" and you do the rest. Never underestimate the comfort your prospects feel when investing in tried-and-proven versus evolving-and-experimental.

Of course, some radio account executives are not "experts." The only solution these old-world dinosaurs offer is "buy more spots." They take the simplicity out of buying radio by pitting their station against other stations instead of against other media. They seldom understand the advertiser's real goals, or how to help them achieve their objectives.

These "spot hockers" have never invested the time or money to learn how to help their advertisers capture a return on their investment in radio. They spend more time learning how to sell, churn and burn, than they do learning about consumer-behaviour marketing and creating results.

Amidst all of the hype, dramatic change, and confusion on the new-media landscape, radio marketing experts who can KISS their prospects with creative turnkey solutions are benefiting from a radio renaissance in 2015.
Making radio "easy to buy" can be your biggest selling benefit.

Wayne is president of ENS Media Inc. ENS Media?s SoundADvice radio e-marketing system brands and trains radio account executives as radio marketing experts.

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