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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Expect Contest Rules to Change Today

Expect Contest Rules to Change Today
Sep 17th 2015, 05:20
Entercom first petitioned the Commission about this issue back in 2012. Today the Commission is expected to change how radio (and TV) stations inform the public about on-air contests. As of now the rule requires stations to broadcast promos on the air, explaining how contest work. After today, posting the rules on the Internet, will be enough. Although station can still broadcast them on the air if they choose to. In the proposed rule, the Commission wrote: "we agree with parties who assert that the dramatic changes in the way that consumers access information since the Contest Rule was adopted justify updating the rule." There were no objections to the change during the comment period. The FCC meets today at 10:30 ET. You can watch the meeting live HERE.