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Monday, August 11, 2014

(SPORTS TALK) Are You Using Your Facebook Billboard?


I'm learning something each and every single year about social media. I will be the first to say when I got on Twitter and Facebook I took both as a joke and never thought much about how the statements from my accounts would affect people. Well guess what. After a few issues in my past on the non-proper way to use social media, I now know that it is a huge asset to help promote not only me, but most important, my show.

Most sports-talk radio hosts know companies are not going to go out of their way to buy billboards or run TV commercials to help promote your show. Sports-talk radio is more of a grassroots-type format and that's how its always been. But if a host uses social media in the right way, it could become your way of helping get the word out on your show.

I?m learning now that overuse of my Twitter account has hurt my listeners reactions to me, and the subject matter as well. Nobody in San Diego cares if I'm talking about my Hurricanes football past. They only care if the Aztecs are going to be a successful football team this year in the Mountain West. Each host has to remember, when talking about a national story, just like the show itself, it must into a local theme.

Produce your Twitter account like you would produce your show! David Bowie is one of my favorite entertainers ever. He always believed in always leave your audience wanting more. My problem has been I have felt I had to comment on every national story on the planet on my Twitter account (@DanSileoShow), when my listeners want to see tweets about San Diego sports.

Social Media is now a huge tool in my show?s weekly presentation and I am working on it every day. Which just goes to show that in our business we are always learning and finding new ways to express our craft and reach our audience. So Welcome to the radio host?s new ?billboard campaigns,? Twitter and Facebook.

Dan Sileo is a former professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He can be heard during morning drive on San Diego?s The Mighty 1090.

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