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Saturday, November 1, 2014

WDBO Host Says he has Enterovirus D68


Morning man Joe Kelly writes on the WDBO website that he is ?unofficially? the first person in Orange County Florid stricken with Enterovirus D68. "I'm writing this report from the same Orlando hospital where I was admitted last Friday, October 17th. I have been placed in an isolation ward. I sit alone, on my hospital bed, where sticky tabs and wires monitor my heart rhythm, an IV drip runs cold into a vein in my arm and I continue to breathe oxygen through the assistance of a thin, green tube connected to a shiny, metallic wall plate. I'm missing contact with my wife and kids, my friends from work and my dog. I even miss my dog. The virus spreads easily and can be passed through coughs, sneezes and contact with surfaces someone with the virus has touched. EV-D68 causes flu-like symptoms and severe respiratory illness.

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