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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bobby Bones Show Triggers Accidental EAS


This morning we'll hear if Bobby Bones addresses the slight panic his show caused on Friday when the EAS system was accidentally set off in several states and it was determined it originated from Bones' home base, WSIX in Nashville. The White House confirmed the Bobby Bones Show was behind the accidental trigger at Television stations in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Michigan Friday morning.

FEMA warned viewers to wait for further information. It turned out to be an "accidental glitch," that affected thousands of AT&T U-verse customers. Tennessee Association of Broadcasters President Whit Adamson said on Friday, ?We have discovered that this audio tone origination and possibly others was sent from WSIX-FM studios during the Bobby Bones Show in Nashville this morning and was evidently picked up by the Premiere Network program syndication in other markets. It's a momentary glitch or accident that we hope doesn't happen again.?

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