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Friday, January 9, 2015

iHeartRadio Intros Auto & In-Home Integration


iHeartRadio announced partnerships with seven different brands bringing more than a dozen new devices to the marketplace featuring iHeartRadio. iHeart's announcements included being one of the first apps available on the new Google Cast for Audio, and integration with Sony, LG, Dish, TiVo, QNX, and Clairon.

Google Cast for Audio essentially embeds the same technology behind Chromecast into speakers, sound bars, and A/V receivers. The Sony iHeartRadio integration includes PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems, along with select TV and mobile devices. TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini and TiVo Premiere all get iHeartRadio integration as well.

Darren Davis, president of iHeartRadio and iHeartMedia Networks says, "These multiple integrations are setting the tone for 2015, which will be another banner year where iHeartRadio focuses on a consumers-first approach -- from launching its app on all meaningful devices to continuing to leverage its live radio and entertainment events to provide the best music experience for its listeners."

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