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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Savage Hints at Moving Away from Politics

According to an article on the Washington Examiner, Savage may be turning his Cumulus talk show towards a more lifestyle oriented direction, with less emphasis on hard-core politics.

Savage told the Washington Times on Monday, ?To hear about politics every day is boring. I?ll continue to talk about the news when we need to talk about it. Next year, though, I?m moving into diverse lifestyle topics as well... You can call in to me and I?ll be your life coach, I can help people.?

There has been a quite a bit of speculation with political talk becoming a tougher sell and a lot of  major advertisers opting out of talk stations, a shift in programming may be on the horizon from some syndicators.

Managers Perspective: If political talkers started taking a more lifestyle oriented direction with their shows, would it make it an easier sell in your market? Do you think a move away from hard-core politics would help generate younger demographics?

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