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Thursday, November 13, 2014

KNBR Staff Vote To Recognize Union


SAG-AFTRA released a statement on Thursday that said the staff at Cumulus-owned KNBR in San Francisco voted to recognize SAG-AFTRA as their union. The new bargaining unit will cover more than 35 employees who host, report, produce, edit, and coordinate content for sports stations KNBR 680 and KTCT 1050. SAG-AFTRA says the election allows the bargaining unit to negotiate a first contract with Cumulus. KNBR's Ted Ramey said, ?Just like the many teams that we cover, we bring commitment and passion to KNBR every day. We want to be treated as respected members of our team.? Producer Brian Smith said, "We aim to reach a deal that will ensure that all of us dedicated to KNBR have a share of our successes.? Cumulus had no comment after the announcement was made.

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