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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Have an iPhone? Check Out Swipe Radio


One of the things that makes radio amazing is its simplicity and ease of use. Let's face it, grandma may not be able to figure out how to work the universal remote, but she'll have no problem tuning a radio. Swipe Radio takes the simplicity of swiping on your iPhone and marries it with the ease of use of radio. It's a brilliant app and should be an inspiration to broadcasters and developers alike.

When you first launch the app, SwipeRadio asks to access your location in order to show your local stations. Once that's done, you can then tap to start listening and add the station to your favorites. Once set up, you simply tap the screen to start or stop the station?s live stream, and flip through your favorite stations by swiping your phone?s screen. SwipeRadio may not be feature rich, but it's simplicity in action. The app is available on the AppStore for $2.99. 

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