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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nielsen Music: 2014 At-A-Glance


A Look At 2014

NIELSEN MUSIC’s comprehensive 2014 year-end music consumption report will be released soon, but here's a preview of some of the findings shared with ALL ACCESS.

“Digital music consumption continues its robust growth, with On-Demand streaming up 54% over last year and 164 billion song streams being played in 2014 ,” said SVP/Industry Insights DAVID BAKULA. “Although overall music sales are showing declines, Vinyl album sales were up 52% in 2014, shattering last year’s record-setting total by more than 3 million LPs.  In 2014, Vinyl album sales accounted for more than 6% of all physical albums sales.”

Overall On-Demand (Audio+Video) Streams

2014: 164 Billion2013: 106 Billion+54%

Vinyl Albums

2014: 9.2 million2013: 6.1 million+52%

This is the highest year for vinyl sales since 1991, when NIELSEN SOUNDSCAN first began tracking music sales. Vinyl album sales have increased (year-over-year) for the past nine consecutive years.
Overall Albums

2014: 257 million2013: 289.4 million-11%

 Digital Albums

2014: 106.5 million2013: 117.6 million-9%

41% of all albums sold in 2014 were downloads (same in 2013)
Digital Songs

2014: 1.1 billion2013: 1.26  billion-12%

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