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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Auto Dealers To Spend More On Ads In 2015


Advertising Age has good news for radio as several major auto brands say they will increase their marketing budgets in 2015 to support busy model-launch schedules. Audi, Chevrolet, and Lincoln executives made that announcement at the Automotive News Marketing Seminar in New York this week.

Auto has been radio's biggest advertiser for a very long time. The article focuses more on TV and digital spending but radio always seems to benefit in some way when more automotive dollars are on the table. One other quote of interest came from Chevrolet's CMO Tim Mahoney when he was asked about vehicle connectivity. Chevrolet plans to launch 4G LTE connectivity in 30 models. Mahoney said, "When you have a statement that you can make about the brand ? 4G LTE and the things that it will enable down the road is really the bigger play."

Read the full story in Ad Age HERE

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