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Saturday, September 20, 2014

NRG Creates "Director Of Integrated Media" Position


Hired to fill this newly created job at NRG is Erica Dreyer (pictured), who served in this same position for both Maverick Media and Mid-West Family Broadcasting. In launching this new position, NRG CEO Mary Quass said, "Digital media offers the greatest potential revenue growth for radio today. Erica Dreyer has earned seven awards for excellence in the digital arena. Dreyer's the maverick we need to lead this new department."
Dreyer will be responsible for "infusing" new inventory and pricing techniques into NRG's interactive portfolio. She will also train and educate sales departments at NRG stations (NRG has 45 stations in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Illinois) to "produce more sophisticated, high-value integrated solutions for clients and help educate advertisers about integrated solutions for their business needs."

Dreyer said, "I'm excited to work for NRG Media. There are so many opportunities for radio stations to engage their audience through various platforms. It will be energizing to help a new group of stations create innovative digital solutions for their clients."

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