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Monday, September 15, 2014

Research Shows Radio Still Dominates The Audio Space


That?s the only conclusion you could come to after listening to Edison Research President Larry Rosin (seen here with Norm Pattiz) reveal more details from his 2014 ?Share of Ear? study at the RAIN conference in Indianapolis. He led his presentation with information that wasn't unexpected: The 2,100 people Edison surveyed (13-plus) listen to audio for approximately four hours every day, and radio gets a little more than half of all that listening. Twenty percent still listen to CDs, 11.6 percent listen to online radio services, 7.7 percent listen to SiriusXM, and 5.2 percent listen to TV music channels. Rosin then presented some new information, and traditional radio continues to do very well with the consumer.

Rosin said that, comparing traditional radio and Internet radio head-to-head, there?s quite a large gap, with 85 percent going to traditional radio and 15 percent to online. When the numbers are broken down into demos, not surprisingly, the younger demos skew online. In the 18-49 demo, Internet radio increases to 21 percent and in the 18-24 demo, Internet radio hits 30 percent. However, in the all-important buying demo of 25-54, traditional radio receives a steady 82 percent. Rosin also said traditional radio has a 72 percent one-day reach -- a figure that, he said, validates the weekly 90 percent-plus reach number we hear so often from Nielsen and radio CEOs.

Other interesting findings from the Edison study:
Pandora makes up two-thirds of all listening for Internet radio services.
80 percent of what consumers listen to is music-based.
4 percent of traditional radio listening is via a stream.
18 percent of all audio listening is done on mobile devices.

(9/10/2014 5:02:47 AM)
Sorry, but all Edison Research ever proves is that they can manipulate data to produce any result they want. It might help you with sales, like it's designed to do, but if you are still gullible enough to believe these manipulated surveys, then congratulations, you will continue having the most listeners, even when you're shutting out the lights and turning in the keys to your dark station(s).

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