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Sunday, September 14, 2014

NextRadio Should Be Called FM Radio


Hanson also offered up his opinion on Emmis? NextRadio app -- the one the company is hoping the radio industry will adopt to ?make radio cool again.? The RAIN publisher and AccuRadio CEO said he loves the product and the energy the radio industry has started to put behind it. He also said,  however, that after crunching the numbers provided bi-weekly by NextRadio, there have been only 725,000 downloads of the NextRadio app and 870,000 cumulative listening hours -- and that, Hanson believes, warrants a re-evaluation of the product.

Hanson said NextRadio really should be called simply "FM Radio" because it?s an easy way to attract the previous generation of radio listeners. He also said the company is addressing two non-existent problems when pushing the product: battery power and data usage. ?Data is getting cheaper and cheaper, and T-Mobile offers music streaming for free," Hanson pointed out. "People do not want to use their $600 device [a smartphone] to do something a $20 device [a radio] can do." So Hanson offered up a few suggestions for the NextRadio team who will be pushing the product all over the Indianapolis Convention Center the rest of the week?

1. Call it FM Radio, not NextRadio
2. Play the emergency/public safety card
3. Switch focus from smartphones to car dashboards
4. Find a new meaningful benefit

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