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Monday, September 22, 2014

eMarketer Report: Radio Does Not Get Its Fair Share


Radio executives have been saying for years that radio does not get its fair share of advertising revenue, when compared to the amount of time people spend with the medium. A new study by eMarketer supports that theory. In 2014, adults over the age of 18, spent 12 percent of their time with radio and radio gets 9.3 percent of the ad share. Despite the fact that consumers are spending so little time with print these days, only 3.5 percent, print still gets a whopping 19 percent of the advertising pie. Consumers spend 37.3 percent of their media consumption watching TV which gets 41.2 percent of the ad pie. And, according to eMarketer, Americans are now spending 47.2 percent of their media consumption time with some type of digital device. That industry is already getting 30.5 percent of the ad pie, second to only television.

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