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Friday, September 12, 2014

It All Begins Today in Indianapolis


The annual Radio Show, put on by the Radio Advertising Bureau and National Association of Broadcasters kicks off today in downtown Indianapolis. Advertising and Digital tracks begin at 9AM and the big advertiser luncheon will be held at 11:30. RAB President and CEO Erica Farber will moderate a panel that includes Jamie Liszka and Amanda Polito from Allstate Insurance and Christopher Warmanen from the ad agency Leo Burnett. The advertiser luncheon will be highlighted by the Radio Ink Radio Wayne awards which will be given out by Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads. We'll have the names of the winners posted immediately after the event and highlights and pictures on Twitter and Facebook, where you can also find our live coverage of the events of the day. A few additional highlights from today include a panel moderated by Marketron CEO Jeff Haley at 1:25, a big announcement from NextRadio at 2:00, a panel with  some of radio's best on-air personalities (Bob and Tom, Scott Shannon and Clark Howard) and opening day comments from the RAB's Erica Farber and Gordon Smith, CEO of the NAB.

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