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Friday, September 12, 2014

Live365 Appointments Dennis Constantine Director of Broadcasting


Things are changing at Live365 and the Internet radio network is confident it?s on the verge of a new era.
As it prepares to launch a series of new products, some staffing changes have also been made. Most notable among these is the announcement that Dennis Constantine will be the new director of broadcasting, which follows the return of Mark Lam as CEO.

"Live365 offers listeners a completely unique experience,? said Constantine. ?We are music curation. When you listen to a music mix on Live365, you are listening to a very personal musical experience. It's not based on algorithms, but rather on music from a trusted tastemaker -- an individual that is enthusiastic, even passionate, about their craft. One of my roles will be to bring new visionary broadcasters on board, show them how they can express their art, and even make some money while doing it!" 

Mark Lam elaborated, "We have some very exciting new initiatives in the wings for our broadcasters and our listeners. We are excited and fortunate to have someone with Dennis' expertise at the helm of our broadcasting department."

Dennis Constantine has decades of experience in broadcasting and has programmed radio stations ranging from Pop, AC, Rock, Oldies, Alternative and AAAl; and has received award recognition from prestigious media organizations.

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