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Thursday, September 18, 2014

HIRING)Where Are All The Young People?


I understand that is a loaded question as ?young? can vary these days, with 60 being the new 40, however, after returning from another great NAB Radio Show where there were many beneficial seminars and speakers, entertainment and good networking events, the only thing missing were the superstars of tomorrow!

I understand budgets are tight this year. I applaud those of you who spent money out of your own pocket and took vacation time to attend, that shows a lot of passion for what you do and where you want to go.

Over the years, and after attending many of these conferences, I still love to hear the speakers and enjoy the great talent that is brought in to entertain. How impressive to be at a cocktail party with Marilu Henner, that is what puts sexy back into our business.

As a professional recruiter, I screen many types of sellers of all ages. It is competitive to hire good talent. One of the most important questions I get asked during interviews is how the training from the company will prepare them for success.

What better training can be done than to expose a dedicated and passionate up-and-comer to a national convention where they can learn, meet others with similar challenges, and enjoy the sizzle? How great is it for that seller or sales manager to actually get to attend meetings with the team from corporate? (Remember, acknowledgement and recognition are high on the list of what employees want!) How about those owners who actually take the time to have drinks or dinner with staff they don?t see on a regular basis?

Incentives are good to offer. Competition can be good. Networking can build confidence. Excitement can be contagious.

Think about having a contest where winners get to go to the national conference. Have them attend pre-selected sessions and report back to all stations to share the knowledge. Instead of taking the same people each year, rotate it around so more can be exposed.

Radio needs to keep the young people engaged. They have fresh ideas and lots of creativity. It is new and exciting for them and it is fun for us to watch and interact with them.

Investing in this training can be used as a recruitment tool, an incentive and an award, all while learning on the job. It is also great for building loyalty.

Laurie Kahn is Founder and President of Media Staffing Network and can be reached at 480-306-8930 or via e-mail at Visit the Media Staffing Website

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