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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jury Rules Against Entercom Station In 'Porn Star' Lawsuit


A woman who sued Entercom's KRBZ (96.5 The Buzz)/Kansas City over being falsely identified as a "porn star" in a 2012 broadcast has been awarded $250,000 in actual damages and another $750,000 in punitive damages by a jury, the Kansas City Star reports. The station reportedly confused the woman's name with that of another individual; all sides agree she has never been involved in the pornography industry.

Entercom spokesman Kevin Geary said in a company statement, "While we are very disappointed in the outcome, we will abide by the jury's verdict."

The paper reports that the Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz program, hosted by Afentra Bandokoudis and Daniel "Danni Boi" Terreros, on April 20, 2012 asked listeners if they knew any porn stars. They received a text message with Ashley Patton's name and city, and searched Google -- finding there pornographic images of a woman named Ashley Payton. The show members didn't catch the mistake, and Ashley Patton's name was later posted on the station's website, with a link to a podcast of the show. Patton made several calls to the station, and the information was taken down.

The station's defense was that it was an "unknowing mistake" on Terreros' part; punitive damages would require that the company authorized or OK'd the station's actions.

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