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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bridge Continues Its Internet Radio Survey


In January, Bridge Ratings & Media Analysis President/CEO Dave Van Dyke released preliminary findings of their study "Music Radio's Killer Internet Strategy." Three months later, Bridge has gathered much more data about consumers' preferences for Internet music and is preparing to release their findings on April 21. In advance of that upcoming release, Van Dyke has shared some of the new study's highlights...

Among the key findings are that: 1.) in the three months of studies, interest in streaming music remains high; 2.) participants preferred customizable streams over radio station simulcasts; 3.) even though they preferred the customizable stations, participants still returned to local station simulcasts; and 4.) local radio's ability to curate and present music remains a strong attractor over customizable stations.

Van Dyke mentions that this remains an ongoing study, but stresses the point about local radio's strengths over customizable stations is "one of the most important broadcast managers should keep in mind."

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