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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Harker Research: PPM Poo Hits The Fan


Earlier this week, Harker Research's Radio InSights blog looked at PPM ratings methodology and openly wondered if it is actually as reliable as first believed. In a new blog today, Harker Research looks at the new Voltaire audio processor that boosts the PPM watermark, as well as Nielsen Audio's resistance to the machine. In response to Nielsen's request to PPM markets to not use Voltaire, Harker sarcastically calls it "rich" and "precious."

As Harker Research and Radio InSights has for years questioned the reliability of PPM, it openly questions why Nielsen is seemingly against 25-Seven's audio processor. Said Harker: "If Nielsen blesses Voltair, it will essentially be acknowledging the obvious fact that PPM isn?t perfect, it doesn't capture all the listening it is exposed to. It also acknowledges that Voltair contains technology that PPM encoders should have included in the first place."

The Radio InSights report can be read here.

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