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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Radio Simulcasts Are Losing On Smartphones


On his latest blog for The Infinite Dial, Edison Research's Larry Rosin looks at how Pandora's growth has greatly increased in the past five years, while radio simulcasts have seen almost no growth in that same time. He also wrote about a study he participated in for Europe radio that showed consumers greatly preferred customizable radio apps than standard streams of commercial radio.

Rosin will dedicate his next few blog entries to answering the question "How competitive are radio station simulcasts in the smartphone environment?" He will also be looking at just what the radio industry has to do to stay viable in a mobile app world.

The latest Infinite Dial blog can be read HERE.

(4/21/2015 5:24:35 PM)
With respect, this 'study' appears to have a number of flaws. There were only 21 participants; they were all women and; there was no control group. I don't see how you can extrapolate anything from this. Or am I missing something?
(4/21/2015 2:20:44 PM)
Who's actually surprised by this? Earth to Radio: People don't buy $500 smartphones and pay $100 monthly service to stream radio stations. #DUH

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