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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Indiana Senate Passes FM Chip Resolution


If the carriers won't turn the chips on, perhaps the government will pressure them to do so. On Thursday, The Indiana State Senate (Emmis Communications is headquartered in Indianapolis) adopted a resolution ?urging wireless carriers to activate the FM radio receivers already installed in most smartphones.? The resolution focused on the need for Indiana residents to have direct access from their smartphones to the emergency information broadcasts of local radio stations. Similar legislative actions are set to take place in other states.

The resolution outlines the consumer benefits of an activated FM radio in smartphones including radio?s accessibility during an emergency, light battery usage, and non-reliance on internet data to function. Also noted was the fact that smartphones currently sold in the U.S. have this FM radio 'chip' already present and would require minimal effort to activate, allowing owners of these phones to listen to local FM radio stations throughout the United States.

(4/10/2015 10:51:27 AM)
A resolution is a statement of position. It carries no legal authority, has no force of law, and is simply a letter stating their opinion on a particular subject. It means nothing. They spend time on this stupid stuff while the economy is going down the drain and people are out of work instead of doing real work to help make government better.

Oh, Jeff! LOL!

(4/10/2015 9:29:01 AM)
Oh, Indiana.

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