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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Harker: Nielsen Should Bear The Cost Of Voltair


After a blog claimed that using the new Voltair encoding device was the equivalent to an athlete using steroids and gaining an unfair advantage, Harker Research responded with a sharp rejection of that assessment in a blog of their own. In the latest Radio InSights blog, Richard Harker writes: "Even if there were some validity bringing ethics into the debate, accusing Voltair of the sin is misguided." He added: "Invoking fairness, playing by the rules, and steroids is a straw-man argument made by people who don't understand PPM, don't understand its shortcomings, and don't understand Voltair."

In fact, Harker Research takes it a step farther, saying "Either buy into the fairness argument, don't buy the box, and potentially watch other stations in your market move past you in the rankers, or bite the bullet, buy the box, and hope that one day Nielsen will reimburse you for the expense."

Harker feels that the ratings giant owes to the radio industry to embrace Voltair, writing: "We believe that Nielsen should bear the cost of fixing a flawed technology that is costing radio billions of dollars. They should integrate Voltair technology into a new generation of encoder, a device that is essentially unchanged from the 1990s."

The latest RadioInsights blog, entitled "Nielsen's PPM, Ethics, and Voltair," can be found here.

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