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Monday, April 27, 2015

WTMJ Raises Over $50,00 For Playground


After WTMJ/Milwaukee morning news anchor Jodi Becker told the story of Ben Nelson, an eight-year-old who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and couldn't use his school's playground due to his wheelchair, the station and its "WTMJ Cares" started a fundraising campaign to help create a playground that can also be enjoyed by special needs children. WTMJ and Ben Nelson's family had a goal of raising $38,000 to create this accessible playground. WTMJ listeners and station sponsors rallied by raising over $50,000 in donations. 

WTMJ-AM VP and General Manager Tom Langmyer said: "WTMJ firmly believes we do well by doing good. We serve Wisconsin -- and we're getting behind our air personalities by giving them a month where we use our resources to give back to our community. Jodi Becker is first on our team to lead in this new community betterment initiative. We are pleased to help -- and we thank our listeners and great businesses for helping to build this wonderful playground."

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