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Saturday, April 25, 2015

"We Now Have 10% of All Radio Listening."


As we've stated many times before, there's no real way to prove the number Pandora states every month is accurate. In fact, Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews, on the company earnings call Thursday, started his statement out with, "By our own estimates..." McAndrews went on to say Pandora now has 10 percent of all listening in the United States, which is up from 9.1 percent one year ago. McAndrews also said, "Third-party measurement confirms the scale of the Pandora audience. As measured by ComScore, Pandora had 87.8 million total unique visitors in March."

(4/24/2015 4:07:45 PM)
Spotify, Pandora, Sirrius and all the other audio upstarts must love sending news releases to Ed at RadioInk. They always get top billing and Ed never checks their wild claims of success.
They get to demoralize the giant-terrestrial radio-free of charge and are assured good daily exposure that no real media would give them. Eric and Ed-our friends in the business.
(4/24/2015 1:17:00 PM)
Earth to El Barto- Pandora, Spotify, etc. are taking some of your listeners some of the time. It doesn't mean you don't still have your listeners, but certainly you have some of them less often then you used to.

To claim otherwise just makes you look like denialist.

(4/24/2015 12:47:13 PM)
It's called Triton... they measure all of the radio station's streams as well. It's like Arbitron, only it is actually MRC accredited in major markets (in fact 270 something markets). Triton measures about 12,000 different streams, so Pandora is hardly the only one. comScore is also not owned by Pandora.
(4/24/2015 12:05:17 PM)
DC - But El has iBiquity's HD Radio scam going for him! LOL!
(4/24/2015 11:26:49 AM)
EL - you must still be working in the declining radio world. Good Luck.

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