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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Radio On Steroids


The word Voltair has the industry buzzing. And now it's making some people wonder if using the new audio processor is the equivalent of using steroids in sports? Will it give radio stations an unfair advantage over stations not using the device? Paragon Media Strategies' Senior Research Consultant Larry Johnson (pictured) looks at that question in his latest blog. Johnson says Voltair could give stations a boost in ratings, while those who are following Nielsen's directions to avoid the device will not see their ratings increase.

Proponents of the device feel all it does is correct a mistake within the PPM device, making it work as it was originally intended to when Arbitron first introduced it. The blog by Johnson can be read here.

Telos Alliance says Voltair is the first and only product that actively monitors and displays PPM encoding quality based on program material, "enabling programmers to simulate decoding quality in various listener environments and actively process the signal to optimize PPM? encoding based on adjustable parameters."

(4/17/2015 6:37:56 AM)
Meanwhile, streamers are collectively sitting back and laughing about all of this.

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