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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Are You Stuck In A Box?


You hear it all the time. "Soon, radio will be able to..." do some marvelous new thing, with some amazing new money-making technology. "And it'll be great!"

Don't be fooled: The time to dive into the future is now. Those forward-thinkers who are experimenting outside the black-and-white lines of radio and moving into the gray areas of technology, digital, streaming, videos, and pay-to-play are cashing in today. And you can too, if you dare.

You've heard of YouTube and Spotify and Pandora -- but how does that translate into cash for you, right now? How can you make the most from your digital initiatives today and get out in front of what's coming up tomorrow?

Let our experts share with you their secrets -- from startup to future improvements and everything in between. Only at Convergence, May 27-28 in San Jose. Register today!


Shelly Claman is digital and events manager for Digity Silicon Valley's KBAY & KEZR. Claman began her career in marketing departments for major health and tech businesses in Silicon Valley and later worked across a variety of media, including local newspapers, national magazines, radio, and interactive media for such companies as Publicitas (Travel + Leisure magazine, Tennis magazine, etc.), SVCN (Metro and Silicon Valley community newspapers), Bonneville Radio (KDFC), and NextMedia (94.5 KBAY, Mix 106.5 KEZR, NextMedia 360). In her current post, she is in charge of all of the digital efforts (websites, social media, mobile apps, new media projects) for the Digity Silicon Valley stations, as well as planning and executing larger NTR events.


Paul Brenner is president of NextRadio/TagStation, where he focuses on developing and delivering a world-class solution that supports FM chip activation in smartphones and provides a broadcast industry-agnostic platform that can compete more appropriately in the current and future technology businesses. His leadership role is related to getting FM analog and HD Radio standardized in smartphones via NextRadio and delivering TagStation as the hybrid connectivity platform, creating a new radio listening, promotional, and advertising engagement platform. Brenner is also SVP/CTO of Emmis Communications.

Jared Waxman is senior director of growth at Yahoo, and he has spent the last 20 years in Silicon Valley working at companies such as Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe, and Intuit as well as numerous venture-backed startups. At Yahoo, he brings together his experience in marketing, analytics, and product development to help uncover new opportunities and solve key business challenges.

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Convergence 2015
May 27-28, 2015
Dolce Hayes Mansion
Santa Clara, California


(5/12/2015 11:10:12 PM)
"His leadership role is related to getting FM analog and HD Radio standardized in smartphones via NextRadio"

Yup, it's all about iBiquity's royalties and getting those power-hungry flawed HD chips into cell phones. NextRadio is Jeff's trojan-horse for iBiquity's eventual IPO. Watch out!

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