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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NPR VP Nuzim Exiting To Join Audible


Eric Nuzum has been NPR's VP for programming since January 2011, and in an executive role with the company since August 2004. Nuzum told that he is exiting NPR to join subsidiary, which specializes in audio books and spoken-word content. His new title, according to the Current article, will be SVP of original programming.

He will exit NPR on June 10, relocating from Washington, D.C. to Newark, N.J.

Nuzum said "they handed me a blank canvas" to create a "third space" in the audio world. His goal is to make an audio version of HBO, with high-level, sought-after, original content.

At NPR, Anya Grundmann will serve as interim VP of programming. She will oversee Nuzum's team, as well as NPR Music.

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