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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kramer: Learning To Speak, Share, & Market Human


At Radio Ink's Convergence 2015, coming up May 27-28 in California's Silicon Valley, one of the keynote speakers at this must-attend event will be Bryan Kramer, the CEO of PureMatter. Kramer is a social business strategist and best-selling author, who teaches others how to "speak human" in this digital age.

Radio Ink spoke with Kramer about his keynote speech plans for Convergence...

Kramer says his discussion with the audience will contain some information from his two books: There Is No B2B or B2C - It's Human to Human: H2H, released in March 2014, and Shareology, which will be released in July of this year.

He describes his bestselling H2H book as "the changes that have happened since the Internet, and social media especially, as we started to disconnect using automation with things like e-mail. It's easier to do things with technology then it is to start connecting with people. So it's a statement to say that we need to get back and working with people again."

Describing his upcoming book Shareology, Kramer said it is an extension of his previous book. "It's how sharing powers the human economy," said Kramer. "It's a much bigger book with over 250 interviews with executives and marketers that goes over a lot of how, what, when, why, and where people and brands share. It's taking the human capacity of what we need to do in connecting with other people, but it's also teaching them something that we never really learned since kindergarten. It's figuring out what and why people and brands need to share and how they share."

His speech will be a combination of important points from those two books and subjects. From H2H, Kramer said: "The pillars that I'll go over are simplicity, empathy, and imperfection, which makes up the most human brand and people possible. It's the essence of what makes brands as human as they possibly can."

From Shareology, Kramer said he will talk about various subjects "like the emotions of sharing, the science of emotions, and the five types of people who share and how they share." Kramer has an actual formula for sharing, which he calls "the human sharing ratio," which he will be sharing with the audience, as well.

Learn from Kramer, who will teach those at Convergence how to share and communicate in simple ways that will make their business feel more human and deliver more profitability as a result.

Besides Bryan Kramer, see who else is speaking at Convergence 2015 HERE and register TODAY to lock in your seat. Time is rapidly running out!

Convergence 2015
May 27-28
Dolce Hayes Mansion
San Jose, CA

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