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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chicago Urban Radio On-Air Shakeup


Two Urban radio stations in Chicago, owned by two different companies, have each lost two on-air talents... and the changes are very much connected. iHeartMedia's WGCI and Crawford Broadcasting's WPWX will both be using fill-ins for middays and afternoons for a while, as both stations currently have no full-time employees in those roles. WGCI has released theirs, while it appears WPWX's missing employees are heading to WGCI.

At WGCI-FM, midday host Loni Swain and afternoon host UB Rodriguez have both been released. A spokesperson for iHeartMedia Chicago issued the following statement to Radio Ink Wednesday morning: "Loni Swain and UB Rodriguez are no longer with the company. It's our policy not to discuss employee matters for privacy reasons."

WPWX-FM said goodbye to Frankie Robinson as its midday host and afternoon host Tone (aka Tone Kapone, aka Anthony Mays). Both voluntarily exited and parted company with Crawford Broadcasting on the best of terms.

WPWX-FM consultant Tony Gray, of the Chicago-based Gray Consultants, confirmed to Radio Ink the exits of Frankie Robinson and Tone Kapone. Gray says that iHeartMedia Chicago approached both talents and made them a much higher offer than the smaller Crawford Broadcasting could match. iHeartMedia Chicago will be placing these two on WGCI-FM in the very near future, Gray said. Both exiting employees are wished the best with their new jobs.

(5/20/2015 8:12:19 PM)
How come when people get the boot, it isn't expressed in the sappy BS lingo used at other times? You never read: "X has been let go from the iHeart family." These places aren't very good families!

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