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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Benztown's Slow Jams Speed Past Century Mark


Benztown has announced that their syndicated Sunday Night Slow Jams and weeknight Slow Jams has reached a milestone. In an attempt to sign up their 100th affiliate, they surpassed that goal and are now up to 102 stations happily airing their nighttime program.

R Dub!, Sunday Night Slow Jams Host and President of Fusion Radio Networks, said: "One of the best feelings in the world is to watch a new affiliate put Slow Jams on and instantly see measurable growth, both in numbers and sheer listener passion for the station and the product. I don't care if you're in market 1 or market 301 -- we're going to work together and win together. Both Sunday Night Slow Jams and the weeknight version are products that create real listener loyalty, high passion, and measurable tune-in occasions. How many radio programs today can really be classified as 'can't miss' programming? This is one of them. Week after week, night after night, females make it a point to tune into Slow Jams, not as a 'convenience,' but as a necessity, and the numbers show that."

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