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Sunday, May 24, 2015

KSZR-FM Flips To Classic Hip Hop


Cumulus Media announced that KSZR/Tucson has flipped from CHR to a classic Hip Hop format, now branded as 97.5 The Vibe. The changed occurred at noon on Friday. The format comes Westwood One's new syndicated Classic Hip Hop programming.

Cumulus Tucson VP/Market Manager Ken Kowalcek said: "We are excited to deliver Tucson's Party Station. There is a passionate energy for this music, which defined an entire generation. No one else in Tucson is playing these songs, so this is a huge opportunity for us and fills a real need in the market."

(5/22/2015 5:48:26 PM)
Let me translate Ken's PR release: (after it was approved by Gary Pizza or Mike McDickey)
"They didn't even ask the local market about what we thought. Now I have to make up some BS for clients, about why a piped-in product with no local flare is where they should spend Ad dollars. I'm screwed, and I know it...until then, enjoy "Baby-Got-Back" 50 times a week.!"
(5/22/2015 4:39:42 PM)
Their first flip (Indianapolis) is already down two full shares since the debut of this format. They've lost almost 25% of their cume, and is out of the Top 5. That "PD" thinks he "invented" this, but it's a corporate mandate, and it's already losing steam. Another Cumulus adventure...

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