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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HD Radio Can Be Saved


That's according to former broadcaster Matt Sammon, who is now the Director of broadcasting and programming for the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning. In a blog on Tumblr, Sammon offers up 5 reasons why HD Radio has failed, and 5 reasons "why it can rise from the ashes." As far as why it has failed, Sammon says there is a lot of confusion with consumers about the extra channels, there is a lack of serious promotion, radio did not copy the Apple way of selling its new product, the economy tanked and the connected car and affordable wi-fi have given consumers easier access to more choices. So, how does Sammon believe the technology can still survive?

Sammon says the name should be changed and rebranded, the product needs to be streaming and mobile, radio stations need to provide more compelling content, a deal should be struck with Pandora and broadcasters need to stop pretending the window on HD radio is not closing on them. "It is, and if you prefer to play the fiddle while the fire is getting started, then you know how the rest of the story goes. For investor purposes, and an edge in negotiations to not lose any more penetration in the dashboard wars, Ibiquity has to put on a happy face in public. But the reality is if HD Radio doesn?t see what?s going on, doesn?t re-brand and reinvent, and doesn?t aggressively try to put out better content, then it will go the way of other period technology. Now is the time to acknowledge there have been many slip-ups in the short existence of HD Radio, but with the right mindset and tweaks, it may find its shelf-life can be much longer than many critics would like to give it. And by doing so, HD Radio can deliver something truly unique to the general public, which was its original mission back on day one."

Read Sammons' full blog on HD Radio HERE

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