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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is Radio A College Student's Friend?


What role do cars play in the lives of today's college students, and what do young people expect from their personal transportation, today and in the future? Many students are accustomed to being constantly connected, and it's clear we can expect those habits to extend to the car as in-car Internet becomes more common (and ultimately ubiquitous). And as that happens, what role will broadcast radio play for millennials on the road? 
Nielsen Audio has been asking the important questions about how college students are using digital, and you need to hear the answers. At the DASH conference, coming up October 15-16 in Detroit, Nielsen Audio VP/Measurement Innovation Ed Cohen will give attendees the first look at a long-term Nielsen study looking at how college students are weaving digital into their lives -- especially in the car.

The future of radio is in the hands of young people -- and in cars, phones, tablets, and laptops. Do you understand how to appeal to millennials, and how to make sure radio stays part of their increasingly active and connected lives? Come to the DASH conference next month, and get the answers you need to know.

DASH 2014
October 15-16
Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport Hotel
Detroit, MI

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